Recruitment Open for We Are Invictus Esports Moderators

The Invictus Games Foundation is exploring how to replicate the success of its international sport recovery pathway and use the power of esports to support the recovery of international wounded, injured and sick Servicemen and women.

We would like to recruit three members of the community to support the Foundation in a voluntary capacity to understand how to inspire recovery through esports, improve access to esports opportunities, and influence the development of research and best practice relating to esports across our international Invictus family.

To do so, these volunteers would be involved with our We Are Invictus app and platform, as well as supporting the development of our new discord channel.

We are defining esports to include active esports, such as Zwift or virtual rowing, as well as gaming. We are interested in a broad range of experience, interests, and activities, but successful applicants should be able to demonstrate an understanding of playing computer games, utilising discord, participating in competitions, fundraising, and/or streaming.

In November 2019, The Invictus Games Foundation launched a new app for the Invictus Community called ‘We Are Invictus’ which builds and reinforces the global network of those with a shared history of being wounded, injured or ill during or as a result of service. The platform is now populated by thousands of members undertaking sporting opportunities and we would like to build on this success by including opportunities of participating in esports also to grow the community and increase the variety of opportunities available.

The We Are Invictus Esports Moderators will be asked to actively participate on We Are Invictus, and on the new discord channel, to:

  • Engage with others in the community through posts and reacting positively to posts from other members.
  • Post esports related opportunities that will be particularly relevant to members within your nation.
  • Act as the esports Point of Contact for the We Are Invictus community.
  • Introduce WIS to the We Are Invictus app and discord channel – not just those who have already been involved with the Invictus Games and especially those who might be considered ‘hard to reach’, unconnected or isolated.
  • Assist in identifying areas of need for the WIS community in your nation
  • Attend specific esports related events/opportunities on behalf of IGF when required (reasonable expenses will be covered)
  • Identify potential partnerships for WIS engagement in relation to esports

This role will be in a voluntary capacity for a 2 year period; providing the opportunity to operate within a full ‘Games-cycle’ – a year with and a year without a Games. The time commitment for this role is estimated at no more than 2-3 hours per week.

If you are interested in applying for this role please complete this form:
The deadline for completing this form is 18.00 UK Time, Wednesday 24th November. If selected for an interview, then you will be given potential dates depending on your time zone.

You may find reading our latest impact report useful to provide guidance on the role of the Invictus Games Foundation, available here: Impact Report and how esports might play a role within the organisation.

The Invictus Games Foundation is committed to encouraging equality and diversity among our workforce and accept applications from all backgrounds.

The We Are Invictus esports moderator programme relates to activity led by the Invictus Games Foundation, Beyond the Games. It does NOT involve selection, training, or sporting activity specifically relating to the Invictus Games.

As a moderator, your role will be to support the digital community, and to act as an advocate for the role of esports in recovery, and the digital platforms.

You will not be asked to give mental health advice to the community as part of this role, this is provided separately by an IGF consultant. You will receive mental health first aid training as part of the role to better equip you to recognise situations where further help and support may be required.

For more information on the role, click here: esports moderator recruitment.









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