#PoweredByInvictus, row from Sydney to The Hague!

Sport has an incredible role to play in recovery from injury or illness. At a time when live sports events are less available, those that rely on training and competition to support their mental and physical health are seeking new outlets.

To support them, we have organised an epic virtual challenge to row from Sydney to The Hague to mark the handover from the last Invictus Games to the next! Lockdown also provides an opportunity to develop digital solutions to sport recovery that bring together international participants. Currently 190 participants from all across the world are taking part, and tracking their progress as we’ve overtaken the halfway mark! Take a look below to see how the leaderboard is looking.

The rowing challenge is available for all to take part, not only those who were wounded, injured or fallen ill during service, any supporter, friend, or family member can also join, so if you are interested in adding your indoor KM to this free international virtual challenge, then register your interest here: https://reg.resport.io/s/register1.jsp?ev=5709337842417664.

Stay tuned, as medals to mark the challenge will be coming to purchase soon!


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