Invictus Games Foundation ‘Conversation’ on ‘Employment and Employability: The Invictus Community’

The Invictus Games Foundation (IGF) is pleased to announce the next iteration of its ‘Conversation’ series as a webinar on Wednesday, 3rd November 2021. The primary panel discussions will occur between 1400-1530 Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). The overall event will run between 1330- 1600 to provide opportunities for attendees to meet the speakers, their companies and like-minded organisations and associated veterans in the exhibition area  of the webinar platform both before and after these primary panel discussions.

The IGF is very grateful to the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust for enabling this webinar and to the continuing support of Ascot Rehab, the Fisher House Foundation and ISPS Handa.

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The aim will be to explore the international employment environment and options for the employability of the Invictus community including Wounded, Injured and Sick (WIS) individuals, veterans and family and friends. It will address both the opportunities and challenges, while seeking overall to provide some useful insights, potential contacts and practical advice.

 There will be a series of panels, offering a wide range of perspectives including from the Invictus Games Participating Nations and their respective WIS individuals. We are delighted that Kate Silverton has agreed to be the facilitator for this webinar. Kate is a well-respected journalist and one of the UK’s leading broadcasters She has worked extensively with the BBC on current affairs, and has reported from the frontlines in Iraq and Afghanistan. Married to a former member of the Royal Marines Commandos, she is a strong advocate for the Armed Forces.  

The event will be focused on three panel discussions with key contributions from a range of prominent companies including Amazon, BetterUp, Deloitte, FDM Group, Johnson & Johnson, Salesforce and Verizon who will offer an international perspective. They will also provide an important input on the impact of veterans, based on the value of their respective veterans’ programmes. Veterans of the Invictus community who have made the transition to the civilian employment will also offer their experiences.

Before and after these panel discussions, the event will also offer the opportunity to meet and talk to these organisations along with their associated veterans in the exhibition area of the webinar platform.


Three key themes will be explored in the primary panel discussions. The webinar will be conducted in three parts:

  1. First, there be an overview of the current international employment environment and market. Taking account of the impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic, it will outline key growth areas as well as those which have been impacted. Throughout, the focus will remain on the opportunities for WIS, veterans and also of key importance their family and friends. In addition, it will offer a perspective on how veterans, in general, are perceived in civilian employment including both positive and any remaining negative connotations.
  2. The second panel will provide a balanced assessment of the Invictus community including WIS individuals, veterans, outlining both its clear strengths and areas in which its members will add significant value in civilian employment, as well as those key areas of potential shortfall or for further development. It will draw on the experience of the contributing companies through their respective veterans’ programmes.
  3. Next, there will be discussion which will offer practical advice on identifying and preparing for employment opportunities. It will cover key areas such as starting early, really thinking through what areas of employment a veteran might want to work in and also enjoy, as well as adopting the appropriate mindset to make the transition. It will consider the steps to be taken to achieve a successful and enduring transition into civilian employment. It will also encompass the key views of members of the Invictus community who have completed the transition.

These discussion groups will be completed with a final closing panel which will also address questions and comments from the audience.


The webinar will be conducted on the ReAttendance platform and all attendees will be requested to register in advance for the event. It is requested that the registration process is completed by Wednesday, 27 October 2021. Tickets are free or you can make a voluntary donation.

To register for the event please follow the below link:

Closer to the event date, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about how to join the webinar.

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