Inspirational veterans win recognition at Endeavour Fund Awards

Inspirational members of the Armed Forces Community who were injured or fell ill in service have been named as the winners at the Endeavour Fund Awards attended by The Duke and Duchess of Sussex. These awards are designed to recognise the determination of these veterans to recover, help supporting others and achieve excellence in their sport or adventurous challenge.

The Endeavour Fund provides financial backing and guidance to programmes and charities across the UK that support thousands of service personnel and veterans reach their full potential.

The awards are held annually to celebrate the achievements of those injured in service and recognise the fortitude needed to take the next steps in their lives.

Speaking at the event, The Duke of Sussex, said: “The Endeavour Fund is not just about recovery, it’s about discovering a new way of living – finding a new sense of purpose and you most definitely found it.
I firmly believe that there is an even greater future ahead. Our ambition is to build on what has been achieved – to expand the Endeavour Fund further so that it’s impact can be felt around the world. ”

The Duke, who is Patron of the Invictus Games Foundation, then announced that the Endeavour Fund and the Invictus Games Foundation are seeking to “explore a closer working relationship in the future”.

Recognising Achievement

Presented by the Lord Mayor, to the individual who has best utilised their endeavour to promote and catalyse their recovery, was presented to Danny Holland from Mission Motorsport.

Celebrating Excellence

Presented by The Duchess of Sussex, this award was given to the individual who has achieved excellence in their chosen sport or adventurous challenge. The winner of this award was Lee Spencer, Lee now holds a total of 4 Guinness World Records.

Community Impact Award

The brand-new award for 2020 was the Community Impact Award. Presented by Ross Kemp, this award is to recognise the team that has contributed the most to their community and made a positive impact on those around them. The winner of this award was Superhero Tri!

The Henry Worsley Award

The Henry Worsley Award is presented to the individual who has best inspired others through the demonstration of determination in the face of adversity, whilst endeavouring to support others with their recovery through sport or adventurous challenge. This was presented by The Duke of Sussex and Max Worsley, to Tom Oates from Deptherapy.

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