The IGF Conversation on Employment

We held our sixth iteration of the ‘Conversation’ series as a webinar on Wednesday, 3rd November 2021 entitled ‘Employment and Employability: The Invictus Community, and delighted now to share the captioned recording of the session for all to enjoy:

The intent of the regular IGF Conversations is to explore contemporary issues of relevance to the international
Invictus community. This time we explored the international employment environment and options for
the employability of the Invictus community. The session addressed both the opportunities and challenges, while seeking overall to provide some useful insights, potential contacts and practical advice.

While the use of sport will always be central to the IGF’s support for the respective journeys of recovery and rehabilitation for the WIS community, recovery means different things to different people, and so finding employment at the right stage in these journeys can contribute to the overall objective of enabling them to regain their sense of purpose. Recovery could also mean operating as a coherent family unit again, being able to take up volunteering opportunities, supporting the community, serving again beyond Service, and personal development.

We were delighted that journalist Kate Silverton agreed to be the facilitator for this webinar, as she has worked extensively with the BBC on current affairs, and has reported from the frontlines in Iraq and Afghanistan. Married to a former member of the Royal Marines Commandos, she is a strong advocate for the Armed Forces.

Three key themes were explored in the primary panel discussions, firstly an overview of the current international employment environment and market. Featuring speakers from Deloitte, Amazon and FDM Group and taking account of the impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic, it outlined key growth areas as well as those which have been impacted. Throughout, the focus remained on the opportunities for WIS, veterans and also on the key importance their family and friends.

The second panel, featuring Salesforce, Verizon International, and Johnson & Johnson, provided a balanced assessment of the Invictus community outlining both its clear strengths and areas in which its members will add significant value in civilian employment, as well as those key areas for further development. It drew on the experience of the contributing companies through their respective veterans’ programmes.

Following this, there was a discussion with BetterUp, Verizon International, and Buildforce which offered practical advice on identifying and preparing for employment opportunities. It covered key areas such as starting early, really thinking through what areas of employment a veteran might want to work in and also enjoy, as well as adopting
the appropriate mindset to make the transition. It considered the steps to be taken to achieve a successful and enduring transition into civilian employment. It also encompassed the key views of members of the Invictus community who have completed the transition.

The webinar again attracted a wide audience comprising of the WIS community, including competitors, their family and friends, team managers, national staff, experts and national representatives in the field of recovery and rehabilitation. It was also attended by veterans and representatives of the participating organisations as well as future host cities of the Invictus Games. This reflects an important objective to reinforce the critical relationship between Invictus and the commercial community which is so important in supporting it and the international servicemen and women who have served their country.

The IGF is very grateful to the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust for enabling this webinar and to the continuing support of Ascot Rehab, the Fisher House Foundation and ISPS Handa.

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